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Got to http://www.gurwara.com, give in your details and you will get an email with 4 links. Became a smarter marketeer, training from upgrad, Simplilearn and these institutes, won't just help.
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I am Tarun Gurwara. I am a Digital Strategist and Digital Marketing consultant in India & SEO expert in India. I am a Digital Marketing Strategist and Digital Branding strategist for many companies in India and abroad. I am a Founder and Digital strategist of Virtual pebbles and Tera Mera Uska.

Are you a digital marketer or want to be a digital marketer or do you have a background in sales and marketing and want to a digital marketer. That's great, that's the field to begin. There is a lot of consolidation happening where digital experts people have a background in Adtech, Marktech, technology-driven marketing and want to be a digital marketer.

Are you strong enough to understand how digital transformation can be done? If you are not aware of how this can be done so you learn this thing from reputed and online platforms, institutions. There are many institutions in Pan India, who provide digital marketing courses.

These institutes are not teach everything. They don't teach you the blueprint, how to make a strategy, competitor search, ecosystem diagram, how to talk with the customers, how and where to target, etc... They don't teach you how to use the content for what kind of business. They also don't teach how to use tools in depth. Tools like SEMrush, Moz, ubersuggest.

What I do, I provide 4 videos around 10 mins each. These videos are made out of real experience from different industries, I worked with 40+ companies in the last 4 and half years.

In these 4 videos, I will talk about how to make strategies, how to talk with the customers.

For access to the 4 videos, you can go to my website - https://www.gurwara.com/, submit your information and you will get the 4 videos links through email for free
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