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Virtual pebbles: The trendsetters in Digital Marketing 

The internet expansion meant the breaking down of barriers and the creation of numerous opportunities for professionals of all kinds. Few areas have gone through a revolution as remarkable as marketing, which today has a large part of its activities conducted in the digitized environment. 

Digital marketing is not just a marketing technique. It has the potential to make your business popular and then keep it popular for ages. Being a top player in this game is like possessing the ability to make or break businesses. One such titan in the digital marketing space is Virtual Pebbles. 

“Change Is A Privilege; It Is What You Do With It That Matters. With The Forced Change That Was Faced By The Company, They Believe That They Made Their Way Through It With Nothing But Grace And Positive Aggression” 

Founded in the year 2017, when Tarun Gurwarathe Founder, along with his group of crazy, eclectic, and creative thinkers of team members, co-founded ‘Virtual Pebbles’ with the plan to infuse fresh thinking and new perspectives into digital transformations using the media channels and make everything – living and non-living – popular. 

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