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Tips to Optimize Your Organic Social Media Marketing Strategy

How to Optimize Your Organic Social Marketing Strategy

Even if you have an excellent organic social media marketing approach, there is always space for improvement. Your brand earns trust and, as a result, higher user engagement by optimizing your pages. Furthermore, refining your social media approach increases your chances of driving traffic to your website.

We are all aware that social media platforms are one-of-a-kind. They follow their own set of rules and mechanics. In that scenario, they must be optimized in a different way. But how do you do it?

Welcome to your step-by-step guide to improving your organic social media marketing plan. You can make it easy for your audience to learn about, engage with, and deepen their relationship with your brand by following these steps.

Building your digital branding via social media marketing takes some work, yet it could get you your next open position or help you encourage significant associations. Follow the ten stages beneath to guarantee your digital branding is working for you.


Facebook is an essential component of every social media marketing effort, with over two billion members. We’ll go over a few Facebook-specific methods for engaging your audience and maintaining user retention in the sections below.

#1 Optimize Your Profile Photo, Cover Photo, and Utilizing Video

Because so many people use Facebook on their phones, your content must be mobile-friendly. The mobile trend is growing to the point where researchers predict that by 2025, 72.6 per cent of the world’s population will use their phones exclusively to access the internet.

If that’s the case, get started right away and format your content for mobile. This includes your profile picture, cover photo, and videos.

#2 Maximize Your Facebook Story

The Facebook Story feature is an excellent method to promote fresh content and increase follower interaction. You should optimize your Facebook Story image for both preview and full mode while utilizing Facebook Story.

You can keep viewers captivated with a series of Facebook Stories if you employ creativity and a good plot. You should (tastefully) incorporate the following in your content – Photos, product links, product images, testimonials.

Of course, only use the examples above when they’re appropriate. To begin, you must master your brand voice and persuade your audience. This is a terrific place to maximize your Facebook strategy if you position yourself correctly.

#3 Use Facebook’s Tabs to Highlight Information and Direct Viewers

Tabs are located directly beneath the cover photo on your Facebook page. This feature can be used to organize the most critical information about your company—the information that you want to be seen.

You could, for example, create a “reviews” tab. When someone clicks on that tab, they may be able to read customer reviews and live vicariously through individuals who have used your product. You can also include an “About” tab, which highlights your main purpose statement.

It only takes one click for your audience to have a deeper understanding of and connection with your brand once it has been optimized.

Finally, keep it clean. Concise. Structured. Remember to eliminate unnecessary tabs to avoid clutter. This helps to draw your audience’s attention, reduce noise, and direct them to the subject you wish to highlight.

#4 Change Your Facebook Cover Photo Button to “Shop Now”

Change your cover photo button to a CTA “Shop Now” button if you’re an e-commerce company. If someone loves a product on your Facebook page, they will be able to purchase it quickly and easily. Tracking these Shop Now clicks can also help you figure out how your customers are reacting to your content.

Is it starting to click on Facebook optimization? The goal is to improve the user experience and make it easier for them to go around. You’re effectively guiding your reader through your roadmap, bringing them to the appropriate destination, whether it’s ensuring your platform is suited for mobile, boosting your Facebook Story, structuring your Tabs, or putting a CTA at the forefront.


It should come as no surprise that Instagram is on our list, given its popularity and the emergence of influencer marketing. There’s no denying that the Instagram landscape is shifting, thanks to recent modifications in their “like” structure and a major push for authentic material.

And what do marketers have to say about the need for change? Thank you for the new possibilities!

Here are a few simple and tried-and-true strategies for optimizing your Instagram organic social marketing strategy:

#1 Instagram Personal to Instagram Business, Make The Switch

You may access a number of business features by switching from Instagram personal to Instagram business. Controlling the reach of your boosted Instagram posts and monitoring Instagram analytics (Instagram calls this “Instagram Insights”) are two of these tools.

What is the significance of this? It helps you better identify your followers and potential customers while also providing insights into the engagement metrics of your content.

#2 Update Your Instagram Bio and Link

Re-evaluate your Instagram bio and link after moving to a business profile. Do you place your customer first in your bio? Because you only have so many characters, make the bio distinctive, sharp, and welcoming.

With a limited character constraint, conciseness is essential. You don’t want to give up your brand’s voice, though. Consider the first word written to the last character (even if it’s an emoji) as part of a single tale.

Let’s discuss your link now. Although Instagram technically only allows you to list one link in your bio, there are a few workarounds. You can create a custom link that takes readers to a page with several links using third-party technologies. You can share a variety of stuff with your users with only one click this way. Links to a product page, a blog post, a different social media campaign, and your website, for example, can all be included.

#3 Take Advantage of Instagram Shopping

Consider your Instagram business profile to be a virtual shop. You can use a product tag to tag objects in images in both organic posts and Instagram Stories.

When you tap the product tag, you’ll be sent to a product description page, which, according to Instagram, provides all of the product’s details. This includes image, description, price, purchase portal.

Should your content captivate your audience, they can make a purchase right then and thereby harnessing the power of a product tag.

#4 Make Your Profile Photo Easy to Read

Keep your profile clean, consistent, and on-brand, even if it seems obvious.

Make a profile photo out of your logo if you have one.

Your profile photo, no matter what you choose, should instantly convey who you are. Also, keep in mind the thin line that separates mystery from perplexity. People will click through if your picture is mysterious and intriguing. They might not opt-in if it’s unclear.


You can’t forget about your website while you’re putting so much effort into your social media efforts. In the sections below, we’ll go over a few best practices for optimizing your organic social marketing approach for your digital storefront.

#1 Add Sharing Buttons

Sharing buttons encourage people to interact with your content. It allows individuals to promote your material on your behalf and directly indicate how engaged they are. Adding “Share” buttons to your blogs or products, for example, would allow someone to promote your company on their own profile with a single click.

#2 Link Your Social Channels In Your Website Footer

Make sure your social media channels are linked (and easy to find) at the footer of your website. This makes it simple for your audience to interact with you and follow you on social media. Furthermore, there is a significant difference between a website and an Instagram account. Your viewers will occasionally wish to see how you gram’. In such instances, having it linked allows them to go straight to it rather than having to hunt for it.

#3 Use High-Quality Imagery to Make Your Blogs Appealing to Share

Using high-quality images on your website and blogs encourages your users and followers to share your content on their social media channels, just like they do on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. While the writing is crucial, a picture can sometimes be enough to get people to share a blog.

Focus on Quality in Content, Followers, and Interactions

At the end of the day, the quality of your material should be your primary concern. What will keep people on your platform if the material isn’t engaging? You can use every method in the book to get them there, but what will keep them there if the content isn’t engaging?

Your viewers will love your involvement… and then become your followers, thanks to well-placed, fascinating, and engaging material.

You can make it easy for your audience and followers to engage with your brand by following the steps to optimize your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and website. Whatever strategy you use to start, keep in mind that quality content and an authentic storyline are what will captivate your audience’s hearts and ultimately inspire them to act.

As an experienced Digital Marketing consultant, I make the strategy ensuring that your current business approach is in line with the dynamic market changes and demands. We help you drive more revenue and earnings while being served for what’s coming with a fit and result-driven strategy. I will get you started with as many short-term gains as possible while setting you up for progress with necessary plans for long-term success.