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The Ultimate Guide to Google Ads Ad Extensions

The Ultimate Guide to Google Ads Ad Extensions

Google Ads ad extensions are the most underutilized technology in Google AdWords and other PPC platforms. Advertisers may gain a lot of traction on SERPs by using Google Ads ad extensions, and they can also help them get more conversions, sales, and clicks.

As a digital marketing consultant, I have realized the importance of ad extension in the field of digital marketing as it results in better performance of any campaign and increases ROI and conversion rates.

This guide will teach you all you need to know about Google Ads ad extensions. Let’s go into the in-depth principles of PPC Google Ads ad extensions without further ado.

What are Google Ads ad extensions and what are the types of ad extensions?

Google Ads Ad extensions are add-ons to your advertising that provide searchers more information. They enable customers to learn more about your products/services and enhance the user experience by providing additional features. PPC platforms include these extensions as standard. They allow users to glean additional information from the adverts. In addition, they provide information on services and products to visitors.

These extensions also include connections to pertinent sites on the website. Visitors can message you directly from the SERPs and leave you customer evaluations, among other things.

Google may add these extensions automatically in some cases. Automated Google Ads Ad Extensions are the extensions that are added automatically. However, you must manually add these extensions, which are referred to as Manual Extensions.

What is a Google ad extension?

There is no technical difference between the Google AdWords ad extension and other PPC services. As a result, whatever Google Ads ad extensions Google uses are the same as traditional ad extensions.

Here is the list of seven Google Ad Extension which you should be using in 2020:

Sitelink Extensions:

Sitelink is the most popular and widely used ad extension, allowing advertisers to include brief pieces of information that work as CTAs. When potential buyers click on these CTAs, they are taken to the company’s official website.

Any form of ad campaign can benefit from the Sitelink ad extension. Its major function is to entice customers to come in for the buying process.

Call Extensions:

These are also popular extensions that are widely utilized. They show phone numbers of businesses at the top of the ad, directly next to the URL site, in PPC campaigns.

These are excellent options for businesses and organizations with sufficient bandwidth to handle calls from clients seeking information. Consider them a benefit to both customers and business owners because of the ease they give.

Call Out Extensions:

Call Out Extensions have the advantage of introducing CTAs right within the advertising. Is it possible to click on callout extensions?

They can’t be clicked, unfortunately. They exist to provide much-needed space for the information from the ad that you’d like to communicate.

Let’s delve a little more into callout extensions. What is a good example of a callout extension?

The ideal example of a callout extension is Free Return. Call Out Extensions appear to be extremely specific, with a text length of only 25 characters. Make sure to use this extension to highlight information about services, goods, and company characteristics.

Structured Snippet Extensions:

These Google Ads ad extensions aid in capturing the attention of visitors. As a result, advertisers will receive more business-related clicks. You can use Structure Snippet to build clickable headlines and hyperlinks that direct readers to a certain website.

For all products, you can include a short, easy-to-read description. These are some of the most popular Google Ads ad extensions on all PPC platforms, including Google.

Location Extension:

These extensions are precisely what they sound like, as the name implies. You can add your business’s address right below the ad using the Location Extension. You may also use this extension to add information about the organization’s working hours.

Users will be redirected to the Google Map, which allows them to acquire directions quickly and easily. This is the finest expansion for your business if you have a physical location, period.

Price Extension:

Price Extension allows you to display the price of products and services in a seamless manner. You can simply make a list of the objects that connect to a specific URL. You can also provide information and pricing for the products and services if you like.

If the pricing of the product or service is transparent, it can boost the number of clicks from visitors.

App Extension:

Since the widespread availability of smartphones in 2010, the world has grown increasingly mobile. Around 90% of potential buyers use cell phones to check things out on the internet these days. As a result, having a specialized mobile application for your business will help you stay ahead of the competition. You can also improve your interaction with them.

It should be noted that the app extension is a mobile-only extension. They just show the logo and name of your company’s app next to the CTA, which is ‘Install.’ This addition provides new ways to keep smartphone users interested.

What is the benefit of using ad extensions with Google ads?

Google Ads Ad extensions, on the other hand, play a critical role in optimizing paid search advertisements. Furthermore, the power allows you to gain a competitive advantage while simultaneously increasing CTR and performance. Extensions also aid in the ranking of your adverts in search engines. However, some of these apps are already integrated with Google AdWords and do not need to be activated. Then there are the additional portions of extensions that must be configured.

On Google, ad extensions display additional information that is beneficial to both marketers and customers. They enable internet users to immediately engage in the retrieval of search results. Your advertisements will also gain more prominence as a result of the extension, which will help you acquire more and more clicks, which is similar to phone calls.

You can use ad extensions to make your adverts more relevant on search engines. They also have a tendency to drive a lot of traffic to the landing page (s). Make the most of your PPC campaigns by utilizing ad extensions.

As an experienced Digital Marketing consultant, I make the strategy ensuring that your current business approach is in line with the dynamic market changes and demands. We help you drive more revenue and earnings while being served for what’s coming with a fit and result-driven strategy. I will get you started with as many short-term gains as possible while setting you up for progress with necessary plans for long-term success.