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Social Media Marketing Trends To Look Out For 2022

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Here are the social media marketing trends to look out for 2022.

Paid and Organic Battlegrounds Go Local

Local targeting is equivalent to social media, just like local SEO is for local brands who aspire to get more organic traffic. Many brands apply location-based targeting to stand out in the market & attract people from a specific geographic location.

One simple way in which brands draw a local audience is by geo-tagging their posts & stories. Adding a location to your social media content will directly pull in a local audience. Social platforms like Instagram give the benefit to search for posts from nearby areas or particular locations. Adding sites to your content will display these search results, supporting local people to find your brand & content.

Geo-targeting works incredibly well for boosted posts or tweets as these platforms improve your target to the potential audiences. For example, if you apply the “boost post” option on Facebook, you can choose the locations you desire to target. Facebook will display your posts to users in those locations.

Brands can also use geo-targeting to reach more people to visit their local conferences and brand events. Or, they can apply location filters in their social media ads to display only to a relevant, local audience. There are many advantages of location-based targeting on social media, and you must know how to leverage it.

Influencer Marketing Continues Evolving

Influencer marketing is not the latest trend, but it is going to continue for a while. Social media now is dominated by influencers that are getting paid excessive amounts to promote brands. The adoption of this trend can be observed from both perspectives. The sheer growth can see one in the number of influencers on social media. Second can be noticed by the improvement in marketing spend on influencer marketing by businesses.

Spending on influencers is much more affordable than running paid ad campaigns, yet it presents good results. Moreover, influencers can benefit marketers achieve a variety of marketing aims and not just generating leads. These are the two main reasons it has grown so popular & continuously gets more robust and bolder.

Marketers are not only collaborating with 1-2 influencers but are operating with a whole network of small, related, niche influencers. This type of influencer receives much higher engagement and costs much less. More & more marketers will use this strategy and work with various smaller influencers rather than one celebrity.

User-Generated Content and Social Proof Build Trust

Brands leveraging user-generated content is also not a fresh trend but is a trend that is still running strong and will proceed to do so. The only matter that has changed is the adoption rate, with more and more marketers using UGC.

Fantastic brands, like Daniel Wellington, motivate their clients to build content and tag the brand for an opportunity to get started on their page. Like Olay or Dove, some run related marketing campaigns that inspire people to submit their entries to be a part of the campaign.

Some brands, like Airbnb, only rely on user-generated content for their social media content. No matter how you desire to leverage UGC, it would help if you had a place for it in your content mix.

User-generated content is free and is recognized as much more authentic than branded content. It can improve your brand seem more trustworthy and can do miracles for your image. So, if you have never explored user-generated content for your social media profiles, it’s time that you start using it.

An Avalanche of Video Content

Video content is one of the most appealing forms of content & will soon dominate social media, a clear champion of overall different content types. Whether it is short-form videos like those famous on TikTok or Stories or long-form content on YouTube, videos are the tomorrow of social media content.

According to Cisco research, by 2022, 82% of all content pushed online will be video content. This certainly explains how important it is to start utilizing video content to stay connected in social media. If you’re not currently generating videos, it is time that you add them to your content strategy. Soon, videos will dominate social media and anyone who doesn’t understand the importance will have a tough time.

You can begin by applying features like Stories both for your social media content and for advertisements. You can also attach videos to your social media posts, even on platforms traditionally dominated by picture or text content.

A Continued Shift Toward True Omnichannel

Adopting an omnichannel marketing approach is becoming ever more critical to success for today’s brands.

  • Brands utilizing three or more channels see a 287% higher purchase rate than single-channel brands.
  • Consumers that shop on various channels have a 30% higher endurance value.
  • Companies with robust omnichannel customer engagement notice a 91% higher year-over-year improvement in customer retention.

There are two overarching things to explain here.

First, it’s all but important for brands to be present and active on more than just one or two social media channels. For one thing, more channels mean more opportunities to engage with your customers. What’s more, a lack of presence on specific channels can potentially decrease the observed value of your brand in your audience’s eyes. That said, you don’t certainly need to be effective on every social media channel possible.

Instead, it would be great if you focus on the platforms that your audience accepts — and that they assume brands like yours to use, as well. Moreover, look to the social channels that present the best opportunity to engage with & present value to your audience.

That being said, it’s also necessary to remain open to the chance of migrating to new channels as they develop and emerge. It wasn’t years ago that platforms like TikTok & Snapchat weren’t being accepted seriously as viable marketing channels, after all.

Still, your primary purpose should be to optimize your brand’s appearance on your most-effective channels before you begin searching elsewhere.

The second thing to consider here is the importance of giving an actual omnichannel experience to your social media audience.

This means:

  • Performing consistent messaging to your audience on each channel you operate on.
  • Empower customers to pick up where they left off with your brand on all channels.
  • Presenting customer support seamlessly with individual customers over media.

Personable Experiences Drive Engagement

Personalization is a different area that remains important in all marketing areas — social media marketing trends included. Also, back in 2019, 72% of customers said they’d only involve with marketing messages that were tailored to them in any way.

And what the consumer wants, the customer receives: Nearly nine in ten marketers are now developing their personalization efforts — with 51% making it their top priority. At any rate, brands are personalizing social media exposure for their customers in two key ways.

First, as we explained above, there’s an enhanced focus on building laser-targeted ad campaigns. As social media platforms enable marketers to grow increasingly granular, it will become increasingly significant.

It’s all about using your collected customer data — persona, location, delivery, and more — to segment them to build and deliver highly-tailored ads to them. (It’s worth remarking, though, that social media users are repeatedly becoming wary of platforms gathering too much data from them. To this end, you’ll need to tread carefully when conveying laser-focused ads to your viewers.) Brands are also trying to personalize (and “humanize”) their customers’ social media activities via DM and live chat, as well as via chatbot.

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