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Did you read the paragraph above?

Remember that, these were the kind of emails, which filled up your POP and IMAP accounts to a capacity of 80% and your emails were spammed continuously with these kinds of emails from Freelancers and even sales and marketing departments of companies which turned from software to Digital Marketing services or a design company turned into a Digital marketing company, to make an extra buck out of the whole cycle of customer experience. Very common until 2019 and slowly vanished away in 2020, Covid19 came in, and this breed of SEO SEO SEO people vanished away.

2020- 2021 Marketing Strategy is now alive, Digital Word is fading away, and sales and marketing departments are pivoting towards everything digital #AllDigital Today it is essential to have a brand strategy rather than just having the URL on 1st Page on google search. Its the times, which have changed and disruptions which significant players like Jio have caused, Airtel etc. and added to that the pandemic, Covid19, the digital content has grown leaps and bounds and ranking by SEO on 1st Page of Google does not matter today, what matters is if you are listing correct, relevant, functional and qualitative information about your business or not, a click now is even more expensive, as the audience is more mature than two years back.

Brand identity with a consideration of the audience and its requirements with a strong recall integrated with a strong SEO strategy for brand keywords and content – which can be clicked to engage is the most important today for sustaining in the business, services, product world. A healthy website does not mean a large website. A rich in the content website does not imply a visually appealing website. A website, its presence, the overall digital presence with rich visuals which have a CTA giving out functionality and text content which is crawled, searched and should be latest, personal to the business and not copied. This is where your SEO journey starts in 2021. This journey used to be considered as a three-month activity and maintained for the next nine months, a usual money-making strategy for freelancers and all those who use to sell SEO for only making money. In 2021, this is no more the case. Those days have gone.

Today, a functional website and on-page content structured in a way the algorithm would understand is not the only solution, this goes way beyond that, the SEO practices to achieve SERP via new ways, voice search matching to content, artificial intelligence around content and what will be searched and digital marketers should be certified and experienced today to understand how to plan and configure content for the best Search engine results to achieve SERP. The speed at which your page or pages load, use to be accepted as useful if not excellent falling in 3 to 6 seconds with less responsiveness on devices, 2021 a brand landing page not loading in maximum 3 seconds and not 90% responsive directly affects the search engine results.

These points above matter the brand and its value on the search engine, the SEO expert, has to be experienced to plan, execute and manage these pointers to achieve what is expected by business and not follow older trends, which are not useful, expected and even understood by BERT ( Google Algorithm) and also the machine language.

Working on an SEO strategy based on what I have mentioned above, we, move forward as a strong Marketing, technology Agency. Today it is not about SEO, it is about your brand strength, and that is what we have been continuously working on, with our customers and assisting them in growing the search engine rankings. A strong technical understanding of digital movement on a search engine should be the primary focus of the agency to provide a service

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