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How to Increase ROI by Content Marketing on Social Media?

“Content is king”, is true because every marketing strategy is incomplete without content. They are all dependent on content. Good and high-quality content has proven to be a cornerstone for an effective marketing strategy. Content comes in a form of text, images, videos, infographics, animations and it helps in communicating the desired message, educate, and persuade to your audience. Absence of any type of content creates a void, and hence content marketing is essential and crucial.

Content marketing is important and a necessity for any business type to survive in this highly competitive market. The few benefits of content marketing are that it will be able to answer the questions asked, build trust and credibility, building connections with your audience, improve conversion, generate leads, and lastly increase ROI of your business.

Further, we will be covering how one can increase the ROI (Return on Investment) of their business using content marketing on Social Media. But firstly, let us understand what ROI is.

What is ROI (Return on Investment) ?

Return on Investment or ROI is a performance measurement ratio used to calculate the efficiency or profitability of investment made. It is a ratio between net income and investment. It is helpful to estimate the success of a business. The higher the ROI, the greater is the benefit.

ROI plays a prominent role in the digital marketing world as it helps in measuring the effectiveness and success rate of any campaign. ROI differs according to the marketing type for example measurement of ROI for social media depends on content development, content distribution, and cost of advertising.

Return on Investment wholly depends on the content, the greater the content, the better will be the sales performance.

How Social Media Can Boost Your Business ROI

Many brands and businesses, even small-scale businesses are leveraging social media because of its peculiarities. Social media networks have changed the face of advertising and how people communicate. It opened a whole new array of opportunities and benefits one can enjoy. Businesses are now moving to social media to increase awareness, get wider reach and, grow sales, build relationships and of course to increase ROI.

For one to grow and develop, one needs to have a proper social media image and try constantly optimizing it according to consumer needs and wants. Businesses should be able to formulate and implement strong social media strategies using content marketing to increase ROI. Therefore, producing effective and strong content tailored according to your target audience can act as a passenger while social media a vehicle.

Content Marketing & Social Media: The Path to a Successful ROI

Social media without content is like air with no oxygen. Content marketing is the only way or the only key to a successful Return on Investment for any kind of business. Having made a presence on social media is not enough, one needs to make their game strong by focusing on creating high-quality and impactful content that helps in drawing new customers towards your brands.

Let’s look at 5 essential strategies to boost the ROI of your business.

  1. Choose the Proper Social Networks

Choosing the proper social media platforms becomes essential and needs to be done keeping your target audience in mind. You cannot randomly choose any social media according to your convenience. Each social media platform caters to a different set of users based on their user behavior and age.

For example, if you are a household appliance company, you would promote your products on Facebook, LinkedIn and not on Snapchat because Snapchat attracts younger audiences and thus Facebook will best suit your company’s marketing strategy.

Once you are done choosing the appropriate social media networks, it’s time to create a content marketing strategy.

  1. Create a Content Marketing Strategy

Every strategy needs to have a goal or an objective before implementing it. A clearly defined objective helps in shaping an entire online marketing strategy. It could be to increase sales, drive more website traffic, improve brand awareness, engage with the audience, and generate more leads. Based on what you want, your goal or objective should be concrete, measurable, and approachable. Depending on the goal, you need to plan your content. You can do this by following few steps that are brainstorming on ideas or topics, deciding on which media type to go with according to the content, define your target audience and design the content around them and lastly consolidate the plan.

  1. Develop Your Online Brand Presence on Social Media

After creating a content marketing strategy, the next step is to develop a strong online brand presence on social media. If you are not yet on social media then it’s time to optimize every social media network to reach your customer. And if you are already online then make it big and better. The better the content on social media, the more people tend to visit your profile. Maintaining a social media account is not an easy job, one needs to post consistently to hook your audience, post relevant content to drive more traffic online as more and more people will be able to recognize and see your content in the clutter.

  1. Leverage Social Media Influencers to Generate Buzz

Leveraging Social media influencers are now the biggest game-changer in the marketing world. There are numerous influencers present on social media which are hugely followed by mass audiences. Each influencer caters to a different category that is fashion, food, travel, speaker, etc. Therefore, leveraging these social media influencers is always a win-win situation for brands as they help in influencing the purchasing power of the people.

But before that, look for influencers that match your target audience profile.

  1. Invest in Paid Social Advertising.

It’s always a wise decision to invest in paid social media advertising because it helps in generating quick results and more refined data. Moreover, it will yield better ROI for your business because the conversion rate is higher in paid ads. One thing which is essential to keep in mind is creating user-centric content for people to click on your ads.


Content can never fail when it comes to increasing ROI for social media. ROI is such an important metric that it determines whether the efforts are really paying off or not. Using content marketing effectively can never go wrong.

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