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How to Become a Digital Marketer in 2021 Career Guide

The internet and the ongoing pandemic have changed the whole aspect of marketing. Using a traditional medium like television, radio, print to use the digital medium to reach the audience and send messages, marketing has come a long way. When everything was shut and physical movement was restricted during the pandemic, the whole world turned to online media. Every company from small to large took their offline business online. Marketers started targeting audiences through the internet.

Digital marketing also moved further from just using social media, websites, or SEO to more in-depth, personalized, and AI-based marketing. Today marketing is more customer-centric.

To know how to become a digital marketer in 2021, read the full article. We will guide you on how to pursue digital marketing as your career.

What is a Digital Marketer?

A digital marketer is someone who uses digital technologies such as social media, online advertising, etc for the organization or company, or brand to reach the targeted audience. Digital marketers help businesses to grow online by attracting a consumer to a website or social networking sites. It turns a prospect into a lead.

Types of Digital Marketers

Digital marketing is a vast field and has many job professions. Few are enlisted below.

Content strategist

A content strategist plan, write and edit contents according to the campaign and consumer’s needs and wants. It makes sure that the content formulated is clear, persuading, easily understandable, or interpreted by the target audience and distributes it to different online platforms. They adhere to the diversity in various platforms and plan accordingly.

SEO manager

SEO manager is wholly responsible for optimizing the overall SEO of the organization which includes keyword research, link building, on-page, and off-page SEO, website analytics. An SEO manager makes sure that the page ranks at the top of the search result page.

Virtual reality developers and editors

Virtual reality developers are those who code for VR apps and games to make them look realistic. They make use of 3D animations, video editing, and many such efforts go into making a website user-friendly.

UX designer

UX designer designs to create a smooth user experience for websites and apps to make user interacts with the website, products or services.

Social media manager

Digital marketing without social media management is incomplete. Social media manager can act like a marketer, content creator, and designer. Their daily task is to create and maintain social media platforms for the organizations adhering to the campaigns.

Email marketing specialist

Email marketing specialist’s main job is to create a mail list, creating mail by using compelling and persuading subject lines and generate leads through it.

Web analytic specialist

Web analytic specialist is also known as web analyst, who analyzes and keeps track of the visitor and responsible for web development. They collect information like the number of visitors, bounce rate if any, page speed, etc, and optimize the website accordingly to attract more visitors and traffic.

What Does a Digital Marketer Do?

Digital marketers, in 2021, are not only creating content but focusing on creating personalized and interactive content to reach individuals on a more personal level. They try to bridge a gap between consumer and brand to help build strong relationships. Digital marketers generate leads through various platforms and target them more specifically. They suggest and consult them for any digital solutions to mushroom a brand. They give a complete roadmap to the organizations to have a strong digital presence.

Designing creatives and creating content according to the trends is also the main job of digital marketing. Ensuring that the website ranks that at the top of the SERP and looks upto the trending keywords and optimize the on-page and off-page for search engine. They track and analyze your online platforms like the number of clicks, number of visitors to the websites, impressions, and also the demographics and psychographic profiles of the visitors.

How Can You Become a Digital Marketer?

To become a Digital Marketer, there is no common route to follow as with other job professions. There are many ways one can become or try to pursue digital marketing. We are going to give you a few ways through which you can become a digital marketer.

  • You can complete a bachelor’s degree in management study or any media communication course. Well, no qualification is needed as such to get a job in the digital marketing space. Digital marketing degree courses are available at both UG and PG levels.
  • Learn few digital marketing skills through certificate online courses from Internshala or coursersa, udemy, google, etc.
  • Attend various webinars or networking events of digital marketing to get an idea about the basics and tools of functioning.

How to Learn Digital Marketing

As said earlier, there is no common path but one can learn digital marketing from home, or by pursuing a degree or certificate in a digital marketing course. One can learn through self-study by reading online on various topics of digital marketing starting from SEO to social media management. They can gain knowledge through the articles present online, or download pdfs available from different universities or organizations. The next step would be to practice and learn about the tools and how to make use of them, get a knack for them. One can also seek out training from experts and experienced professionals in digital marketing.

A career in digital marketing is evolving and boosting in many ways. It is dynamic and ever-evolving due to emerging trends in the market. There is a vast scope for digital marketing today and in the future in various fields. Digital marketing has ample opportunity for budding creative people.