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Facebook for B2B Marketing and Lead Generation

Facebook for B2B Marketing and Lead Generation

B2C marketers, take note: B2B marketers are on their way to Facebook advertising, and they’re ready to play hardball!

B2B marketers have traditionally found Facebook advertising to be ineffective. It’s a terrific tool for B2C marketers, who can use Facebook ads to provide discounts, promote specials, and retarget consumers who have abandoned their carts. Still, similar strategies don’t necessarily work for B2B buyers.

Facebook is an excellent tool for increasing brand awareness and engaging with prospects and a location to identify new consumers, run promotions, and deliver outstanding remarketing creative, all of which can lead to cost-effective conversions. When it comes to multi-touch B2B marketing—industries with months-long sales cycles and specialist clients—sceptics persist.

B2B enterprises have traditionally relied on ad channels such as Google Search Ads and LinkedIn. However, as the cost-per-click costs on these platforms reach new heights, more and more B2B marketers are allocating their ad expenditures to Facebook.

While consumer businesses are having joy organizing challenges, competitions, and freebies, B2B companies appear to be missing out.

According to popular belief, people generally use Facebook to interact with their friends and family, not to do business or network. Facebook’s recent News Feed modifications also favour your friends and family postings over those from companies attempting to sell you something.

For many B2B organizations, Facebook ads may appear to be forbidden fruit.

Most of the time, though, this is a complete misunderstanding. Facebook marketing campaigns for B2B companies may be highly profitable.

Both B2C and B2B organizations can benefit from Facebook ads in increased website traffic, leads, and revenue.

B2C and B2B advertisers have distinct objectives in mind when it comes to advertising. B2B marketers are on a mission to:

  • Increase a product’s or service’s understanding and awareness. You can use buyer personas to understand better who you’re trying to reach.
  • Contact the company’s advisors, decision-makers, and others involved in the purchase process.
  • Make a list of each lead’s contact information.
  • Leads should be nurtured throughout the sales funnel.
  • Leads with a lot of potentials should be sent on to sales.

All six of these objectives may be accomplished solely through Facebook, yet few B2B marketers realize how vital a solid Facebook advertising campaign can be.

We’ll show you how to get started with Facebook B2B advertising in this post so that you can make your first B2B Facebook advertisements!

Facebook Brand awareness campaigns that lead to your articles

A typical goal for businesses is to raise brand awareness. You want people to become familiar with your brand so that they choose it when they’re ready to convert. Setting brand recognition as a goal to reach interested prospects is prevalent in B2B businesses. Create campaigns to raise brand recognition and promote your publications. When your customer clicks on your Facebook ad to read the article, they are taken to it immediately. There’s no funny business or opt-in. CTAs to subscribe to your newsletter or download your lead magnet will be included in your content. Even if they don’t take advantage of your offer, you may now retarget them.

Brand awareness initiatives can be used to:

  • Increase your company’s brand awareness and have Facebook find your ideal audience for you.
  • Begin forming bonds with your customer avatar without asking for an opt-in in return.
  • Subscriber opt-ins or low-tier offers might be used to retarget Facebook website visitors.

Customers testimonial

Your satisfied consumers create User-generated content. It’s the picture they take of their earnings after utilizing your SaaS solution or the film they make to show their audience how well-organized their marketing funnels are after working with your firm. It’s the testimonial you requested, which they gladly delivered.

Allow user-generated content to stand out in the feed. Make use of it in your ad copy.

Customers talking about your brand is just as crucial as branded material for your target demographic. When someone else tells them you’re excellent at what you do, it’s simpler for people to believe it than when you tell them yourself.

That’s just the way human psychology works.

Add user-generated content to the following areas:

  • As social proof that others are utilizing your items, use your brand awareness initiatives
  • Your opt-in marketing is effective
  • Add user-generated material to your conversion campaigns.

Chatbots via Messenger for Facebook users interacting with your brand

Chatbots allow you to send automatic messages in response to a user’s interaction with your brand. You can send a bot to message them if they comment on a post, like a post, or click through on your ad.

This chatbot can question the user about their queries and doubts, if they’d like to opt into a lead magnet that addresses all the queries, and if they’d like to speak with a sales representative.

Turn your customers into a Facebook custom audience.

Do you know that list of people who have expressed interest in what you do but have yet to purchase?

You can utilize custom audiences to help you figure out who is in your core audience if you aren’t sure who they are yet. To target the proper people, you can use data from customer files (such as email lists), website tracking (through your Facebook pixel), and interaction metrics. Show them Facebook advertising for your items instead of glancing at that list with hatred, wondering when these folks would FINALLY take you up on your offer.

Here’s how to add your email list to your Facebook Ads Manager account.

Show this Facebook ad leads that:

  • Inform them of your most recent offer.
  • Tease product launches they’ve expressed interest in and offer them exclusive discounts or access as subscribers.

Use Facebook in the rest of your marketing strategy.

You can create a custom audience of customers in the same manner as to create subscribers who haven’t converted yet. You won’t show these customers the same advertisements as your subscribers.

You’ll concentrate on selling them your top-tier deals in this situation.

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