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Digital Marketing for Manufactures
Many manufacturers still depend on old school methods to advertise their brands. Business presentations, word-of-mouth referrals and networking events are staples of most industrial marketing programs for the right reason – they work!  However, today’s industrial customers are more enlightened and committed than ever to avoiding your salespeople. Most of
Social Media Marketing Trends To Look Out For 2022
As a Social media marketing consultant and the best digital marketing consultant in India, My social media strategy is centred around improving your online presence on the social media platform, from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to Pinterest. I make a strategy for a strong company of your brands or businesses on
SEO Expert in India Key Reasons to Hire an SEO Consultant in 2022
When your competitors are already ranked in high page results to compete in the modern market, it is high time to work over it. Search engine ranking is severe.  Utilizing SEO strategies is essential to reach your potential users and grow your business in 2022. There are experts for everything.
Importance of Facebook Retargeting Ads
You must have experienced looking up a product or service online and finding your Facebook feed swamped with ads for the same or similar items for the next week. It’s just a marketing tactic known as a retargeting strategy. Facebook retargeting enables you to market to people who have already
How to Optimize Your Organic Social Marketing Strategy
Even if you have an excellent organic social media marketing approach, there is always space for improvement. Your brand earns trust and, as a result, higher user engagement by optimizing your pages. Furthermore, refining your social media approach increases your chances of driving traffic to your website. We are all
The Power of Hashtag (#)
People are addicted to smartphones and social media platforms. They spend most of their time using social media. Digital marketing has grown after the covid-19 pandemic. Social media platforms are used for digital marketing and increasing brand awareness. In the past few years, usage of hashtags on social media has
6 Digital marketing techniques that can help local businesses
If you want your firm to succeed, you must invest in digital marketing. The right digital marketing strategy may help you take your business to new heights by acquiring new clients and increasing sales. When you don’t have a large marketing budget, it might be difficult to attract and retain
The Complete Guide to Ad Extensions
Google Ads ad extensions are the most underutilized technology in Google AdWords and other PPC platforms. Advertisers may gain a lot of traction on SERPs by using Google Ads ad extensions, and they can also help them get more conversions, sales, and clicks. As a digital marketing consultant, I have
10 PPC KPIs You Should Keep a Track Of
A KPI, or Key Performance Indicator, is a quantitative value that reflects a company’s ability to meet its business goals. KPIs assist you in determining your company’s financial, strategic, and operational success, as well as estimating your market position. In PPC, or Pay-Per-Click, KPI works a little differently. Advertisers can,
Guide to use Google Data Studio
For marketers and entrepreneurs, web analytics has always been formidable. It can be difficult to obtain professional, thorough, and easy-to-read reports. Downloading Google Analytics data and putting it into Excel spreadsheets to generate charts is a common method of reporting. Is this something you’ve heard before? All of that is
SEMrush vs Ahrefs vs Ubersuggest Which SEO Tool is Better
There are a plethora of SEO tools available on the market because of the advancement of technology in digital marketing. It’s challenging to find the ideal SEO tool that is both feature-rich and cost-effective. As a result, a thorough analysis of Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Ubersuggest is required. Most digital marketers utilize SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Ubersuggest as
5 Facebook Ad Techniques for B2B
B2C marketers, take note: B2B marketers are on their way to Facebook advertising, and they’re ready to play hardball! B2B marketers have traditionally found Facebook advertising to be ineffective. It’s a terrific tool for B2C marketers, who can use Facebook ads to provide discounts, promote specials, and retarget consumers who
The Best LinkedIn Marketing Strategy For 2021
LinkedIn is well-known for job searching and recruitment. That’s because one of LinkedIn’s most distinguishing features was the ability to publish and assess digital resumes. LinkedIn can help you build your brand and position yourself as an influential thought leader in your industry. However, to get the most out of
A Digital Consultant is someone who offers or provides digital consulting services to help a business improve or enhance their technology infrastructure by reviewing their existing technologies and suggesting improvements on their technology use. Digital consultants also help businesses to build their business strategies which helps them improve their business
Inbound vs. Outbound Which Marketing Strategy is best For You
More business is brought in as a result of marketing. However, the difficulty is that marketing is a difficult undertaking for which there is no one-size-fits-all approach. You can’t just pick a template and stick with it and expect it to work, which is why business owners spend so much
When was the last time you did a competitor analysis for your brand? Competitor analysis is required in every field and in every business to survive a highly competitive environment and stay relevant today. Competitor analysis in the field of marketing is extremely crucial to build a strong business strategy
Google released new smart features and ways to buy ads on its different channels. As always with the novelty, there will be a learning curve. Here is how you can make them work for you: Free Listing on Google Shopping Make no mistake, Google Shopping is still mostly a paid
Influencer marketing tips and strategies
Your chances as an influencer were high in 2014 if you were fortunate to be featured on Instagram’s featured page or if your style was just unusual enough. Only celebrities and a few committed bloggers could be considered influencers a decade ago.   Now Influencer marketing has become a well-known type of web
How to Use Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing
Artificial Intelligence is changing the world and changing the way we live. All prominent industries are adopting Artificial Intelligence i.e AI technology to see things in a different way. Artificial Intelligence is said to surpass human ability and activity soon. It has also made its space in the area of
“Content is king”, is true because every marketing strategy is incomplete without content. They are all dependent on content. Good and high-quality content has proven to be a cornerstone for an effective marketing strategy. Content comes in a form of text, images, videos, infographics, animations and it helps in communicating
After the invention of the internet in the world and social media coming into the picture, it has been on trend since then and it is here to stay in near future. The boom of social media has brought about a revolution in the early 20s with a lot of
The internet and the ongoing pandemic have changed the whole aspect of marketing. Using a traditional medium like television, radio, print to use the digital medium to reach the audience and send messages, marketing has come a long way. When everything was shut and physical movement was restricted during the
What is voice search? Voice search is an action for using speech to ask questions or queries to get answers rather than in the conventional method. It is also called voice-enabled, where users can voice command to search for any questions on the internet, website, or app using devices like
With the advent of technology and budding trends, new terminology is invented every minute and so is the term “Omnichannel Marketing”. It is a whole new word and a concept in the world of digital marketing. People often confuse omnichannel marketing with multichannel marketing but the two are different concepts
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It’s been a great year so far in terms of search engine optimization (SEO), and we’re not even close to the end yet. From making search results throughout the pandemic to avoid misinformation to Google’s Displayed Parts updates, there have been lots of changes to keep marketers on high alert.
Ranking a web page or website today is not as simple as it was a few years ago. The Best SEO Expert & the best digital marketing consultant in India might be just what you need to be competitive. Not only is the game more difficult, but the continuous variations
With intense internet perception into our lives, our country is developing very fast in the route of digitization. Availing this chance to reach a tremendous number of customers without any demographic boundaries, many businesses are opting for digital marketing. This unusual marketing propaganda assures the highest brand recognition, thus resulting
A best digital marketing consultant’s external advisor specializes in leveraging online marketing channels to generate leads and increase sales conversions. The services of the best digital marketing consultants changes depending on your requirements. Some will only handle specific marketing campaigns. Others will manage your whole marketing strategy from start to
Leads generation strategy by Tarun Gurwara, the best digital marketing consultant for Digital Strategies In the best world, leads would flow every minute and every day, loads of them and that too, without any digital strategy or digital content with campaigns on google search. In a perfect world without any
A best digital marketing consultant’s external advisor specializes in leveraging online marketing channels to generate leads and increase sales conversions. The services of the best digital marketing consultants changes depending on your requirements. Some will only handle specific marketing campaigns. Others will manage your whole marketing strategy from start to
Sharing on the web permits you to make an online persona that mirrors your qualities and expert abilities. Whether you utilize social media marketing infrequently, the content you create, share or respond to takes care of this public story. How you act online is presently similarly as significant as your
It very well may be trying to stand apart from the competition —regardless of what industry you’re in. In any case, in case you’re hoping to separate yourself from your competition and draw in new customers, you must be unique. In case you’re uncertain how to make your image stick
As an entrepreneur, you may think digital branding is something that is best left to the Apples, the Googles, and the McDonalds of the world. Be that as it may, it doesn’t make any difference how huge our organization is; in case you’re ready to go, you need to consider
CIO Look India Publish an Article and Magazine about The best 5 Recommended Digital Marketing Company –  Virtual pebbles: The trendsetters in Digital Marketing  The internet expansion meant the breaking down of barriers and the creation of numerous opportunities for professionals of all kinds. Few areas have gone through a revolution
We are presently managing the COVID-19 pandemic which is mostly portrayed by social separating, and individuals remaining at home. We are presently in a financial emergency because of the worldwide pandemic, and likewise, with any monetary plunge, numerous realtors can take some unacceptable actions which can be expensive and lead
Mastering SEO optimization can be hard, especially if you’re just starting out. Fortunately, finding the best SEO tools is easy, we’ve compiled them all on this list. We reached out to over 30 SEO experts to find out what the best SEO software is and what keyword tracking tools are
Today, it isn’t exceptional to run over the term digital marketing in pretty much every industry. This is nevertheless an umbrella term that frequently depicts different parts of digital marketing. With purchasers having taken to internet shopping, organizations are occupied with significant level competition to stand out for them. Probably
SEO patterns to use in 2021 Search engine optimization is the main part of Digital marketing. As we expressed above, to rank higher or keep up your rankings, you need to continue to change your SEO technique by Google—as its calculation develops. Here is a breakdown of the main SEO
A digital marketing consultant is regularly considered as an ambiguous term for organizations. There have been a few misinterpretations about the promoting specialist as a calling just as a consultancy job in the showcasing scene. For quite a long time, the consultancy has been plotting as business administrations with a
Libertas, Aequitas, Veritas – In cryptocurrency should we trust? So, bitcoin which is the most commonly known and owns cryptocurrency recently touched a high of more than 40,000 USD per Bitcoin, others like Ethereum have also done the same in the last 1 year. So why all the cryptos are


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