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I am Tarun Gurwara. I am a Digital strategist, and I am a best Digital Marketing Consultant in India & Best SEO expert in India. I am a Digital Marketing Strategist and Digital Branding strategist for many companies in India and abroad. I am a Founder and Digital strategist of Virtual pebbles and Tera Mera Uska.

I am providing Digital marketing consultant services to Startups / SME’s and MNC’s. I helped many businesses in different verticals with my Digital Marketing Strategy and helped them implement them successfully.

What are the key benefits of a best digital marketing consultant in India?

The best digital marketing consultant in india will help you in proper keyword research, conversions, targeting and retargeting. and Helps you in increasing sales, profits, revenue, penetration, and reduces the cost of advertising or marketing budget. The services of the best digital marketing consultants changes depending on your requirements.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the prime digital marketing service, and many businesses struggle to get the first-page rank on google. Ranking on the top position of the page of the search engine results and your business can generate great leads, conversions, and revenues.

As a best digital marketing consultant in India, I am first doing complete Research about your competitor’s targeted keywords. After that, I research what your targeted keywords should be, and after mutually agreed on targeted keywords, I research your current rankings on the targeted keywords. After that, I make the necessary changes to website and website content and make it more SEO-friendly.

As an SEO Expert in India, I make solid link building and backlink strategy to help your website rank up on SERP for off-page SEO. This Plan focuses on improving your online visibility and our team’s expertise to increase your position in search results.

Search Engine Marketing

I provide search engine marketing strategy and solutions like local SEO to help your targeted audience, your local customers. PPC (pay per click) management as a Digital marketing service is done via Google and Microsoft’s services: Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising.

As a best digital marketing consultant in India, I strategize and run different PPC campaigns on Google ads and Microsoft advertising. That campaigns include Text ads, Display ads. With the Display Ads help, I build a strong brand identity and help your Product and services get more leads.

Social Media Marketing

As a Social media marketing consultant and best digital marketing consultant in India, My social media strategy is centered around improving your online presence on the social media platform, from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to Pinterest. I make a strategy for a strong presence of your brands or businesses on professional media Linkedin.

I build up a modified social media strategy that helps your business construct brand awareness, increment customer engagement, and manage client feedback and reviews.

As a best digital marketing consultant in India, I create monthly social media content planning and build the content calendar. According to the Plan, My team makes the content with the description for all the social media and professional media platforms. According to the content calendar, my team uploads the content on various platforms. After that, my marketing team analyses the reach and engagement on the content and changes in the strategy to increase awareness of your business and brand.

A social media marketing campaign is a coordinated Digital marketing effort to help with a business goal using many social media platforms and professional media platforms. Campaigns changes from everyday social media marketing efforts because of their increased focus and targeting. I create a strategy for lead generation campaigns for different social media and professional media platforms.

Instagram Campaigns

On Instagram, brands use the application to make connections with their target customers. It’s mainly used to market services and products and build brand awareness and loyalty to the clients. Instagram’s popularity has grown as digital marketers understand the power of digital content.

As a best digital marketing consultant in India, I build up a modified Instagram marketing strategy that helps your business construct brand awareness, increment client engagement, and manage client feedback and reviews.

Different Instagram marketing services I provide

Content research – I have an experienced team that researches the content according to your business, and my team and I know the latest trends for Instagram. And I and my marketing team Research the hashtags according to your business niche, So more people get engaged to the page.

Content planning: As a best digital marketing consultant in India, I make Content planning after the Research competes. And make the content planning for the month and my team creating the content according to the Plan. In this context, the Plan includes Posts, Stories, Videos for the post, and Reels. My team creates engaging content that engages more people to the profile, which getting more followers to your account. We make a suitable and attractive description and hashtags for every content published on posts, stories, and Reels.

Instagram Campaign strategy: There are many paid campaign options available, like awareness campaigns, Lead generation campaigns, Product launched campaigns. As a best digital marketing consultant in India, I make a strategy and create the campaigns according to your business and your needs and provides the targeted result for your brand, and help to get more business through Instagram. Through brand awareness campaigns, we create a brand identity on Instagram. For the new products, we are making a campaign for product sales.

Software Development

Today anything digital requires a digital web presence and I have personally handled in last 5 years of my 20 years of experience about 11 implementations – directing to the objective of digital marketing and advertising on digital platforms.

Implementations of digital presence, typically called as a website couple of years back has now more relevance and if it has the functionality to it, then the game begins and this becomes your central focus of the total business process, in your organization and that is what, I personally, make happen.

The software implementation is a very wide term – focused implementations for branding, marketing, and advertising digitally, once needs a strong software presence today for google and other search engines to find and give you business.

I have provided satisfying results to our more than 40+ customers. I have a certified, skilled, and experienced team for technology, content, and all activities. All the work depicts our skills and showcases our strengths.

Project Management

Project management involves combining different skills, knowledge, and techniques to complete particular tasks and project requirements.

I will be working with your team, they must be filled with this skill to ensure your digital marketing campaigns are launched on time.

Best Digital Marketing Consultant can help you generate more revenue in many ways

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