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5 Latest Google Ads Features And How to Make it Work For You

Google released new smart features and ways to buy ads on its different channels. As always with the novelty, there will be a learning curve. Here is how you can make them work for you:

Free Listing on Google Shopping

Make no mistake, Google Shopping is still mostly a paid PPC channel, but you can also enjoy its free traffic. After the introduction of the shopping channel, Google ousted most of the other price comparison websites from its SERP(, Shopzilla, BizRate). The move was so aggressive that in 2017, the European Commission fined Google for breaching EU antitrust rules by ” giving an illegal advantage to another Google product, its comparison shopping service”. Although it is still going through appeal, Google has made changes to ensure other options are present on its services and SERP than its own.

How to make it work for you

First, you would like to start by optimizing your Shopping Ads and understanding what products click and convert the foremost. For example, you can use SEISO Google Shopping Analyzer (Free to try) to get shopping reports. From there you’ll adapt your product feed and merchandise pages to make sure you specialize in products that are margin positive.

Impressions on Display & YouTube Advertising

Display formats are not the type of ad you think when it comes to online acquisition. They are more popular for brand awareness and influence targets.

But now Google wants to convince you otherwise. Why? Google has such a lot of data on users’ profiles and their intents that they’re going to predict what they will buy. Google knows the users very well: from the search queries, from the media they consume (Videos, AMP pages…), and its past purchases because of receipts received in Gmail.

How to make it work for you

  • Use Smart Display with a CPA or Troas bidding strategy. This allows you to retain the advantages of the Smart Display framework without losing control.
  • Based on 13,000+ Google Ads accounts audited by SEISO, the best targeting are: “Similar converters” & “Custom intent on your competitors”.

You can use the audience analysis section of SEISO to spot which audience is that the most relevant for you. And you can try it for free.

New Customer Acquisition

All conversations are not born equal. When it comes to acquisition channels, a new customer’s purchase from your site has more value than one from a returning one. Of course, loyalty is vital and you would like to require care of existing customers. But program marketing is neither the foremost nor the most money-efficient channel to try to do. The symbiosis between acquisition and loyalty is that the best thanks to maximizing your customer’s lifetime value.

Once you know how much money you can expect from a user in the long term, you can adapt the amount you are willing to pay for a new customer vs. an old one.

In Google Shopping, you’ll now take the lifetime value under consideration. Use the “New Customer Acquisition” option within the settings of your Smart Shopping campaign. There, indicate the incremental price you’re willing to pay per conversion for this sort of customer versus a returning one.

How to make it work for you

Make sure you are tracking your new customers, there are two ways to do so and you should use both:

  • Make sure your Google Ads account and your Google Analytics account are connected. This way, the algorithm is conscious of all sales made on your website albeit they came from another channel.
  • Set differentiated tags for new and old customers and let your e-commerce platform or your tag manager. You need to point out one or the opposite tag counting on the status of the customer.

Tracking Offline Conversions with Google Ad’s Local Campaigns:

In recent times, it’s easy to forget that most of the business still happens offline, which zoom calls and online shopping aren’t all there’s to life. Yet offline conversions tracking aren’t always taken under consideration. According to Google, 30% of mobile queries are local searches and it is the fastest-growing segment. And 75% of users making a local search will go to a store within 24 hours. This is a lot of conversions lost to online tracking.

The new version of the Google Ads local campaigns is here just for that. Local campaigns use GPS and Wi-Fi to identify the location of the user. Google will display ads associated with a business advertising presence around the user’s current location.

How to make it work for you

To succeed, you’ll get to find out an omnichannel tracking that integrates offline elements. From there you’ll be ready to measure different types of conversion. You should create a group of conversion actions for every campaign:

  • In-store visits: Google automatically tracks walk-in traffic from user’s locations captured from their Apps and OS. You will need to register all your points of sales addresses or GPS coordinates.
  • Offline purchase thanks to offline the Conversions API or bulk sheets upload.
  • Online purchase through your regular tracking pixel.

Once your conversions start to point out within the interface you’ll be ready to optimize against each of those goals. Moving further you’ll be ready to optimize the new full potential of every campaign against each target! To do so you are trying the SEISO campaign optimization tool for free of charge.

Gallery and Showcase Shopping Ads over all networks

Gallery Ads and Showcase Shopping Ads on Search are good to be tested! 85% of respondents put more importance on visual information than text information. Visual information is preferred over text by a minimum of 50% of respondents altogether categories apart from electronics, household goods, and wine and spirits.

With Gallery ads, Google offers a new ad format integrated into the search network. As these ad formats are for mobile displays only, their dimensions enable advertisers to make a stronger impact than with a text ad. Google will continue to serve the same user with your creativity on new placements such as:

  • YouTube: On the “Home” screens, more than 90% of users say they discover new brands & new products.
  • Discovery: Google Discovery App while scrolling the news feed and searching by interest.
  • Gmail: ……through discovery, even though Gmail Ads are being rolled out, Discovery ads allow you to expand your reach from Gmail to other Google-owned surfaces.

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